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So many new things to learn

What happened the last four days was simply overwhelming! I could make ten blogposts just from the experiences I already had. But let’s continue where I left off.

After lunch I had a deeper look into the bootstrap documentation, which is just huge. There is so much stuff, you have to know. Fortunately I’m no complete new beginner in terms of I already know how to use git and the basics of python, which is the main language at Yelp. So I just have to learn all the new processes, the architecture, the people, the american keyboard schema, the build process and many many many many things more. A lot of the 90 Interns(!!!) Yelp has this year, have no experience at all and are standing in front of the Mount Everest of new things.

Women wearing  traditional Bavarian Dirndl pose with beer during 176th Oktoberfest in MunichOne thing I also have to (and want to) learn, is the american culture… I did something wrong on my first day. Everybody get’s introduced by his mentor with an email to the team. The usual introduction mail contains a picture of the mascot of the local sports team, the new guy is from. As my mentor did not find a picture of the mascot from bayern münchen, he did not sent a picture. So, I answered to everybody, that mascot (actually a bear) is so boring, nobody knows about him. But everybody knows the oktoberfest and included a picture of two women in Dirndls having a Mass Beer.
Later that dad, the director of development replied, that I should be more “sensible” what pictures I send around. Maybe somebody finds “uncomfortable” about those kind of pictures.
Of course I apologized in person and promised to avoid those pictures in future. That’s really something I was not thinking about. But in America, things are a bit different.

Wednesday was mostly more of bootstrap meetings and trying to make something productive but actually reading the docs. The teams don’t do pair programming. So all of the knowledge transfer happens in meetings and even more in documentation. Yeah… There is much of it.

After work, all interns went to a cable car tour, grabbed some burger at In-N-Out and had them at the beach with a nice view to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. This event was guided and sponsored by Yelp! The YIP (Yelp Intern Program) Team really does a great job to help us getting started in San Francisco! Next week we gonna visit a baseball match. I’m definitely looking forward for it!
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Oh… as we already talking about the topic! There is sooooo much free (and mostly healthy) food!

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There is even a beer tap for parties
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Oh and every Friday, we get a free lunch for engineering and some external guy is presenting something. There were talks from the people who invented MySql, Python, … This friday we got Barbecue and the inventor of CockroachDB presented his masterpiece. Afterwards it was time for beer, even more snacks, kicker and billard. :-)
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