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Let’s get this party started…

As I'm also here in the US to improve my language skills, so I decided to write some blog posts in english if I'm in the mood for it.

Me in San DiegoFirst things first: I had a great roadtrip on the US Westcoast. The stops were in Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosimite National Park, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Venice Beach (Los Angeles) and San Diego. That’s quite a lot for only two weeks time! It was exhausting but also so nice, too! Thanks for my mates Lisa and Andres for making this amazing trip possible! Most of the Pictures you find here. But one I provide exclusive to my readers here on this blog ;-)

Thats the view from the top (25th) Floor of our Hotel Apartment.

But now to the interesting facts. Today was my first day at Yelp! Oh boy, I was so under tension and so excited. But I was also good prepared. Yelp had provided me a lot of information in the last few weeks. They sent me e-mails with things to when I arrive. They helped me find a good Apartment. They even told me the directions from my home to the workplace and what are common clothes at work. And many many more. I always had three emails or more each week since I agreed on my contract. Very impressive!

So I arrived at 9:30 in the lobby of this high riser, right in the financial district of San Francisco. The Security checked my Passport and requested my a elevator to the lobby of Yelp. There I got a photo-ID badge with included NFC Chip to open the doors. Then I got picked up by a nice lady of the internship team, to show me every floor and all facilities. The tour ended at my new desk where she introduced me to Anthony, my Mentor.

At my Desk I found a pretty decent hardware setup:

15" Macbook Pro Retina, zwei Monitore und eine Nerf Gun
15″ Macbook Pro Retina with SSD, two external Displays and a Nerf Gun

Additionally there were some other Goodies like a Yelp T-Shirt, a bag and branded gloves. I also got a welcome letter with passwords and what to do first. And, as I would learn over the day, which was just the beginning of a whole lot of documentation for getting started. But no time to read only one line of it: The first meeting is approaching! It was a very good information meeting about the basics of Yelp and and the development department. I was there together with all the other newbies of the day. Unfortunately I can’t remember how many people were with me in this meeting, but definitely more then 5! A whole lot of people when you hear, that next week already the next newbies arrive. But maybe those are normal figures for about 250 employees in development alone. (And a Dog called Darwin)

The bootcamp itself was very good because it contained all the information needed, compressed in one hour. That is something that is also reflected in the documentation. It is just detailed enough to show you the point and not bloated with information about stuff that could also be interesting.

2014-09-02 12.38.35But then was still not the time to get my hands dirty. Lunch Time! Today all Interns went together to a sandwich restaurant a few streets away and came back to eat it together in the “all hands” area. There are a lot of interns currently at Yelp…

Pew, … I still got so much stuff to tell! But it is already after midnight. I promise to continue this post in the near future. Apparently not tomorrow because we (Interns) go on a cable car ride and having burger after work. Yeay!